Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cute little family the sweetest little baby.


 This little guy was so quick and easy he has the cutest personality.


Check out these sweet little twins! They are so cute and there outfits are to die for. 


We where hoping for some spring weather! no such luck! Pictures turned out though. 

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jones Babies

I am going to post a bunch of these cute little baby twins. they were so good we took about 200 from family, kids and all the way to naked baby! So much fun! 

Friday, April 25, 2008


What a great family. I was sure that little greg(big brother) was going to be hard to get but he was such a poser. You can really see this little baby is so loved. 


Little Rome is only 13 days old and such a sweet baby I love these pictures, how fun!


Even after double takes you guys were so good! Love the TU TU's

my kids feet



These Children are ten and under. I thought they were teenager! They where so sweet and so cooperative. A real pleasure to have in the studio.

Studio wall

Spring pictures

Ok, When do yo think it will finally be spring? I am amazed that we are still freezing in Utah!!!! I am thinking about setting up a time with Tahitian Noni's garden for children if I booked every one interested in one or two nights (depending on who is interested) then we could go for $5 per child and do spring pictures in the garden. So I am wondering who would be interested leave me a comment if it sounds like something you would like to do.  
Has anyone noticed the construction zone I like to call Pretty Pictures? So, I hired this boy to mow the lawn and before you know it we are tearing out the grass and replacing the sprinkler system. This boy told me the project would be done by April 15th. HA! He hasn't even started to level the dirt. I guess that is the way of home projects! I have Hired Steven Johnson (he's in my links) who does amazing metal art to make a custom storm door for the front door also he will install a cute little fence in the front yard. I am tying into my neighbors (Belle Candle and the glass slipper) we are going to have our own little Gardner village. We are also painting the cement on the outside of the building. So, with a little luck this place is going to look great in a few months! We have also finished painting the back two rooms and ordered furniture the the bride room. I Will attach a picture of the wall finish. My hubby is so talented he hand painted the walls with a brush and two different hand mixed glazes. I am thinking it looks so good I might shoot pictures with the wall as background! goodbye for now! Pray for SUN!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Pregnant Sister in law number 2! Isn't she beautiful! I love these pictures of her. I am so excited for her baby!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


 This is my gorgeous sister in law. Due in about 5 days!she has  the greatest belly  Little Carly was a perfect model so much fun! 


This sweet little miracle child is my niece. She was such a good little poser, I love taking her portrait. 

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sweet little baby girl!  


Charelle Thank you for bringing your sweet little girls in. What a fun time we had and baby was so sweet.